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Overcoming Financial Challenges After Job Loss

In September 2011, in a community near London, Ontario, about 1,500 people lost their jobs. The St. Thomas Ford assembly plant shutdown forced these workers into tough situations. Finding a new job in a region dependent on manufacturing will be challenging. Some will move to different communities, while others will retrain for new careers. Regardless of their path, these displaced workers could face delicate financial situations.

Understanding the Impact of Job Loss on Credit

When we review our customers’ cases, we strive to understand the circumstances that led them to seek bad credit car loans. A common cause of bad credit is a previous job loss. Our customers explain that a dramatic drop in income made it difficult to maintain monthly bills. Those who lost their vehicles faced an uphill battle getting bad credit car loans to get back on the road.

Tips to Protect Your Credit During Financial Hardships

Make Payment Arrangements

If you face employment uncertainty, the first step is to make payment arrangements. Contact your bill holders (e.g., hydro, cell phone carrier, gas company) and arrange for a promise of payment at a later date. This ensures your account doesn’t go into collections. Making these arrangements can protect your credit and offer flexibility with cash flow issues. Consider reducing services to save money, such as temporarily suspending a cell phone account.

Reassess Your Budget

Facing a job loss means reassessing your budget. Cut down on unnecessary expenses like eating out, driving less, and avoiding non-essential purchases. Setting strict limits for discretionary spending will help you manage your finances better until you find new employment.

Monitor Your Credit Report

Regularly check your credit report to monitor your progress and ensure you’re not a victim of fraud. Keeping your credit utilization ratio below 30% shows responsible credit management. Address any collections or poor-rated accounts to improve your credit status.

Bad Credit Car Loans or Leases

At EzeeCredit, we report to the credit bureau monthly. Automobile debt is considered good debt and can help rejuvenate your credit situation. Customers trade in older vehicles for newer ones, benefiting from fewer unexpected auto expenses and improving their credit score. Not all places advertising credit-repairing car loans report to the bureau, so choose wisely.

Conclusion: Planning and Persistence Pay Off

Facing a tough job loss doesn’t mean financial disaster. Good planning and effort can help maintain healthy credit. For those struggling to make ends meet, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Use tools like regular credit reports and bad credit car loans to rejuvenate your credit. Time and dedication are all you need!

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