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It has begun. The season of the year I like to call “winter smash up”. This is the season that takes place after the first snowfall, when all new and Seasoned Canadian drivers battle with that age old problem of adjusting to the confines of physics. Or more appropriately, learn to drive with snow and ice on the roads….again. Could someone really forget how? It was just 9 months ago! Yet every single winter we see the same problem. Driver’s driving too fast, not leaving enough room, and assuming that it will take them the same amount of time to drive to work in June on a hot summer day as it will in December with 2 feet of snow on the road. It takes a while but everyone seems to get the hang of it by mid-January. But until they do its stressful out there!

One very unfortunate thing that can happen during the winter time is an accident. Anyone that has driven in a Great White Canadian Winter knows that it doesn’t take much. One false move at 5km an hour can cost thousands in repairs even to the most careful of drivers. It becomes exponentially easier for an accident to happen when you factor in snow, ice and low visibility. We have all read a version of a “how to guide” to driving in the winter and there are some consistencies that most of us can agree upon:

  • A good set of winter tires
  • Driving with caution and better anticipation of what is happening on the roads
  • Leaving earlier for work
  • Leaving space in between you and other drivers.

The one thing you can’t control however are the myriad of other types of driver’s that you share the road with. Accidents are bound to happen, but they aren’t the only bad thing that can happen to your car this winter.

Winter is hard on your vehicle. The up and down temperatures, road salt and the cold hard starts all have a significant impact on the condition of your vehicle. As vehicles are driven and as they age; they become more prone to increasingly expensive repairs (Click here) to read more about aging cars and repairs). Failing to meet even minimum service requirements like an oil change can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Add up multiple winters; with less than adequate maintenance and that familiar scene of a tow truck at the mall or a stalled car on the highway can become a reality.

For those readers with bad credit, having a vehicle breakdown can be terrifying. Where are you going to find the bad credit car loans that will not only help you get your credit on track but will also ensure that you won’t be in the same place again in a year with a car that won’t start and a repair bill that exceeds the value of the car?

This is where some of my earlier posts on bad credit car loans and other financing sources come full circle. There are too many stories of people with poor credit going to find bad credit car loans at a “100% approved” bad credit car loan dealers. They find themselves with a high kilometer car that in just a year or two will most likely surpass 150,000 kilometers and could soon begin to experience compounding repair issues. Add in the Canadian Winter factor and you have just increased the likelihood of issues that could be catastrophic and result in total vehicle failure.

So if you are searching for bad credit car loans, make sure you take into account the Canadian Winter Factor.