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Bankruptcy & Consumer Proposals in London, ON or Cambridge, ON

There are valid reasons to file for bankruptcy or set up a consumer proposal. We don’t penalize you for your situation – we work with you to develop a real solution.

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EzeeWay is the path to a fresh start

Real Help vs. False Promises

We don’t claim 100% approval. Instead, we regularly provide auto financing for people who have been turned down most everywhere else.

Customized Around You

We’ll treat you with respect and work with you to find a quality car you’ll be proud of – and financing that’s part of a total solution.

Rebuild Your Credit Faster

We do monthly credit reporting to help accelerate your credit improvement right from the start.

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EzeeWay Bankruptcy Consumer Proposals

A Forward-Looking Approach

At Ezee Credit, we look favourably upon someone who has filed a proposal because it demonstrates their commitment repay debts and improve their credit. The same is true for customers who have filed for bankruptcy, as it shows a desire to address their credit challenges and free up their borrowing capacity to make a fresh start.

Many of our clients select their Ezee Credit vehicle just before filing for bankruptcy or a proposal – and then pick it up right afterwards. We can advise you of other opportunities, such as trading in your “exempt from bankruptcy vehicle” to Ezee Credit as part of a new lease, so you can drive a newer, more reliable vehicle throughout your bankruptcy.

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Very nice people to deal withThey got us what we wanted

denise danis

Awesome customer service. The car was perfect fit for our budget and hopefully the credit rating should rise up for the taken. Thanks Andrew.

Latjor Bom

A BIG! thank you to the team at Ezee Credit! Once again they were able to helped us get into awesome vehicles this time my dream truck! Dustin and Rob were great to work with very professional and personable. See you guys in a few years for a new set of wheels!

Ryan Davis

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