Oh Gasoline Prices, how I loathe thee…and will continue to do so against my will

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Addressing Fuel Costs: Tips for Drivers

For the very first post, I thought it would be crucial to address a growing concern for every driver: the ever-rising cost of fuel. Many customers have come to us recently, desperate to get out of their older, high-kilometer vehicles. In some cases, the cost of fuel outweighed the actual car payment! Such needless expenditure is frustrating.

The Pain at the Pump

I also suffer from fuel pump pain. I drive a car that seems to want to live at the fuel pump. When I purchased this vehicle three years ago, fuel prices were dramatically lower than they are now. Like many, I wasn’t thinking about the future, not only regarding crude supply and demand but also the future condition of my car.

Vehicle Performance and Maintenance

As everyone can guess, as a vehicle ages, its performance suffers. This drop in performance can be greatly reduced with proper maintenance and healthy driving habits. Healthy driving habits increase your fuel efficiency now and impact fuel efficiency in the years to come. Here are three good habits to live by:

Relax While Driving

Take your time when driving from A to B. Flooring it to get somewhere quicker usually only saves a few minutes. Is it worth wasting extra fuel to be exactly on time for work instead of a few minutes late? Not only do you risk speeding tickets and accidents, but the increased demand on your engine also doesn’t help either.

Budget Your Fuel

Just as it’s good to manage your personal finances, having a fuel budget is crucial. Know how much you (and your family members) are driving. Many people would be shocked to learn how much they drive and how much that costs. When customers apply for bad credit car loans or leases, we perform a needs analysis, including a kilometer needs assessment. Most people have never analyzed their driving habits.

Ask yourself questions like: How often do you visit relatives? How far is work from home? Should you drive home for lunch every day? Could you carpool twice a week? Set a kilometer limit and stick to it. Treat fuel like currency, and you’ll save money!

Maintain Your Vehicle

This is a no-brainer. Regularly change your oil to keep your engine running smoothly. Change your air filter, as a clogged air filter reduces oxygen and wastes fuel. Check your tire pressure; underinflated tires reduce fuel economy. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. They have done their homework to ensure optimal performance.

Conclusion: Healthy Habits for Fuel Efficiency

My top three healthy habits will help you save money on fuel. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, these habits will prove invaluable for years to come!

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