Oh Gasoline Prices, how I loathe thee…and will continue to do so against my will

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For the very first post I thought it would be crucial to address the growing concern on every driver’s mind. The ever rising cost of fuel. I don’t know how many customers have come to us in the past few months desperate to get out of their older, high kilometre vehicles. In some cases the cost of fuel outweighed the actual car payment! Needless expenditure!
I also suffer from fuel pump pain. I drive a car that I think it wants to permanently live at the fuel pump. I won’t tell you what it is; I don’t want to kill my credibility on our first date. When I purchased this vehicle 3 years ago fuel prices were dramatically lower than they are now and like many of us that are emptying our wallets at the pump, I wasn’t thinking of the future and I am not only talking about my ability to properly forecast world Crude Supply and Demand. I am referring to the future condition of my car.
As everyone can guess, as a vehicle ages its performance suffers. This drop in performance can be greatly reduced with proper maintenance and healthy driving habits. Not only will healthy driving habits increase your fuel efficiency in the present, you will have a dramatic impact on fuel efficiency in the years to come. I have 3 good habits to live by.


Take your time when driving from A to B. Remember, in most cases flooring it to get somewhere quicker usually only saves a few minutes. Is it really worth wasting 4 litres of fuel to drive across town to be exactly on time for work instead of 3 minutes late? Not only do you run the risk of speeding tickets and accidents, the increased demand on your engine doesn’t do you any favours.

Budget your Fuel

Just as it is a good idea to be efficient at managing your own personal finances, it is definitely a good idea to have a fuel budget. Know how much you (and perhaps your family members) are actually driving. It would shock many people to actually figure out how much they drive and how much that costs! When we have customers apply for bad credit car loans or leases we try to do a very effective individual needs analysis. In that is a kilometre needs assessment. Most people have never thought to do a personal analysis of their driving habits. How many times do you go to grandma’s house? Twice a month? Once a week? How far is it? Ask these types of questions along with How far is work from my house? Should I really be driving home for lunch every day? Could I carpool twice a week? Know how much you drive. Set a kilometre limit and STICK with it! Treat fuel like currency and I guarantee you will save money!

Maintain your vehicle

This is a no brainer. Get your oil changed; it will make your engine run smooth and clean. Change your air filter, plugged air filter means less oxygen =less fuel burned=wasted fuel. Check your tires, underinflated tires can severely reduce your fuel economy. These are small things you can do to ensure that you are getting the best fuel economy out of your vehicle. Do the regular scheduled maintenance as per the manufacturer. They have done their homework.
So there you have it. My top 3 healthy habits that will help you save money on fuel. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or no credit these habits will prove to be invaluable for years to come!